The Mission

The mission of the Office québécois de la langue anglaise (OQLA) is to preserve and promote the English language (without hindering other languages), and to ensure that the English language does not become extinct, all in accordance with the existing framework of language laws in Québec.

  • The Committee shall ensure that English is used as allowed by Bill 101 (link: Charter of the French Language).
  • The Committee shall ensure that the use of English in signage, advertising, publicity, and product information is used as allowed for by the Federal and Provincial laws of Canada and Québec.

To find out more about Bill 101 and the signage policies of the province, please visit the section of our website devoted to Language Laws.

Our Vision

The Committee aims to contribute to the promotion of linguistic peace and justice in the province of Québec. The OQLA encourages large corporations to be aware of the linguistic duality of many areas of the province. We hope that these corporations see to the widespread usage of bilingual signage as permitted by the law.


The OQLA is a registered not-for-profit organization run entirely by volunteers within the community. The organization is not affiliated with any government entity. Though the organization is comprised of over 7000 members, the OQLA is not responsible for the comments of individual members. All official press releases, media and information can be found in the Press Releases and Announcements section of the website.

The OQLA is based in Montréal, Québec. As such, many of our initiatives are based in Montréal. However, we encourage members of other communities in the province to take action against corporate linguistic negligence.