Promote Bilingual Signage

English signs are allowed, as per the Language Laws of Quebec. Many corporations, who have locations where a good portion of their clientele is English, are allowed by law to display English advertising and signage, but have chosen not to. The OQLA encourages its members to send letters to these negligent corporations. The current list of negligent corporations as well as their contact information can be found on this page.

Email Template

To advocate for the display of bilingual signage in Montreal and Quebec, we’ve created a template letter that you can use when contacting companies that refuse to display any English whatsoever. Feel free to copy/paste and modify this template as you need.

​​To whom it may concern,

I wish to advise you that there are no English language signs at some or all of your locations in the Province of Quebec.
The language laws in the province allow for bilingual signage.

In order to encourage large corporations to respect the Anglophone community in Quebec, I have joined the Office québécois de la langue anglaise (OQLA) which is a committee dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the English language in Quebec.

Quebec Anglophones do not appreciate being ignored or taken for granted.
I respectfully request that you reconsider your policy and put up bilingual signage.

This letter writing campaign is only the first step in an organized effort to regain respect for our language and culture.

Trusting that you will seriously consider my request,


A qui cela concerne,

Je souhaite vous aviser qu’il n’y a pas des signes anglaises dans quelques de vos emplacements dans la province de Québec.
Les lois linguistiques de la province permettent de l’affichage bilingue.

Pour encourager les grandes entreprises à respecter la communauté anglophone au Québec, j’appuie l’Office québécois de la langue anglaise (OQLA) qui est un comité dédié à la préservation et la promotion de la langue anglaise au Québec.

Les anglophones du Québec n’apprécient pas d’être ignoré ou tenu pour acquis.
Je demande respectueusement que vous reconsidérez votre politique et de mettre en place des affiches bilingues.

Cette campagne de lettres est seulement la première étape dans un effort organisé pour regagner le respect de notre langue et notre culture.

Espérant que vous envisagez sérieusement ma demande,

Feel free to keep us informed about your progress by contacting us.
We thank you for your efforts.