This was an e-mail received by the OQLA from Harold Staviss.


“After complaining, writing and speaking with several of the higher ups at Costco Wholesale (Costco) in Ottawa as well as several managers of the L’Acadie Boulevard Costco outlet over the past couple of years about the non-existence of any English signage, the failure of having English brochures when entering the store, and the very minimal number of cakes with English writing by many of us, including, but not limited to, Sheldon, Murray, Bram, Ruth and myself, after Murray’s online petition to increase bilingual signage at Costco and his demonstrating outside of Costco’s West Island outlet on many occasions, after Joel’s articles in The Suburban and after receiving the standard response from Costco’s Vice President, Marketing and Membership to the effect that, “While we try to always be mindful of the concerns members bring to our attention, it is of course a balancing act between finding the best way to operate our business in Quebec in compliance with the law, and responding to their concerns. Although some members may disagree with our position on signage, we do try to ensure that written communications with our members in Quebec are available in the language of their choice.” Costco has now gone bilingual, at least at their outlet on L’Acadie Boulevard. What a great, fantastic and warm feeling it was to finally see bilingual signage all over the store, as well as English brochures readily available upon entering, and menu boards in both of Canada’s official languages. Kudos and thanks to Stuart at Costco for doing what was just right and normal, and thanks to everyone else who stood up to be counted.


Remember, if you want to see the English language become visible and not be eradicated and treated as a disease, speak up and get involved. Numbers really do speak volumes.”