You’ve got to be kidding.  Montreal’s economy continues in a steady decline and instead of softening bill 101 you take steps to toughen it which will only lead to less corporate investment.


The recent Quebec court ruling gave you an excellent opportunity to let the matter drop, but in your wisdom you have chosen to make matters worse.  The rest of the world seems to get the concept of branding and there is no country in the world that requires corporations to add definitions to their logos.  How insulting to Quebecers that their present government underestimates their ability to know what Costco does.


What does the store name Apple mean?  Nous vendons des pommes?  Is Winners a store of des gagnants? TD says nothing to anybody so we must add something because the French population can’t figure it out? What about Old Navy, Best Buy and Costco, their names don t indicate anything to the English world either.  They are world-wide brands that even a 5 year-old knows.


Your efforts in getting our government spending under control has to be applauded, especially with such a backlash from so many.  However priority must be directed at restarting the economy to attract investment.  Not only is this not happening, but because of our TOO STRICT LANGUAGE LAWS you are creating the exact opposite … driving away business and investment.


We were once an international city in a smaller world, now we are becoming a village in a corporately globalized economy.